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Fish counters


Grader fish counters   


New 2018 touch screen & USB key New 2018 model
P30      P15     
Pescavision 10-30-50 Pescasight 15


CPTR4 CP10 4        

NEW 2018 Counting station with "4contol" box

The counting station includ :

-2, 3 or 4 Pescavision fish counters

- 1 control box “4control” with 4,5 in (11,5cm) touch screen display and USB port.

All informations in only one display :

- Number of fishes of each counters

- Total number of fishes

- History of the last counting sessions

- Counting time.

The USB port is used to load the counting report in PDF format via USB key.


Transfer fish counters 


New 2018 model New 2017 model
P300      P100 1     
Pescavision 300 Pescasight 100