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 Drum Filter Rotoclean 80 With Frame  Helios 20 Fish Grader  fish-counter-pescavison-30  fish-pump-6-back

Drum filters

Quality filtration for entrance and exit of aquaculture closed circuits. Flow rate up to 3240 m3/h and filtration as fine as 26µ.

Fish graders

Fast and strong automatic fish graders. Flow rate up to 6T/h. Available fish sizes from 0,8g to 4kg.

Fish counters

Speed and accuracy with this new range of high-performance counters from 80g up to 5 kg.

Fish pumps

For fishes transfert or used with an Helios fish grader. Light and powerful for fishes from 5g to 500g.

 AFB002  DD220 Trans  DIFFUSEUR  


Floating surface aerators and high performance hydro-ejector with submersible and floating motors for intensive and large scale farming.

Leaf screener

Innovative screen cleaner for fish farm site inlets, flow rate up to 500 l/s at 10 mm.

Diffuser pipes

Available in 2 diameters: 9 mm and 19 mm. 80 and 120 m crown as standard.