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Aerators options

"Mono-jet" kit for Flobull aeratorMonojet

The kit Mono-jet to create a powerful one-way current (to limit the formation of ice in winter on a pond for example)


"Long jet" kit for Flobull aerator

Makes a long spray from each side of the propeller for narrow basin.

5mm mesh for Flobull aerator

The 5mm mesh enables you to equip small trouts ponds. 

Silencer for Aquasub Hydro-ejector

The silencer reduces the noise produced by the air intake, useful for installations near houses.

Additional cable on request


Ideal for the power supply of the aerators.

Specifications : 

- Depth maximum immersion: 250m
- Standards NFC 15-100-AD8
- Temperature of use in the air: 40°C with 70°C
- Standard Section available: 4G2.5, 4G1.5, 3G1.5 (other section on request)



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