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AQUASUB floating surface aerator

Aquasub is a hydro-ejector that combines aeration with moving masses of water.


Used in fresh water lakes or ponds, it introduces the oxygen essential to the life of fish. Simply designed and robustly built, our equipment can by used under all conditions.

Aquasub is used to aerate and destratify lakes and ponds, and to desaturate water supersaturated with gas, etc...

Main features :

- 5 models from 0,5 cv ( 0,37 w) to 5 cv (4 Kw)
- Water brewing from 200 m3/h to 1200 m3/h
- A.S.B : 0,35 kg 02/KWh
- IP 67 quality motor at 400 V or 230 V
- Robust conception in high density polyéthylen and stainless steel

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