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Rotoclean drum filters options :

1/ Electrical boxes for all filters :

Coffret filtre mi 2014


Quality, safety and simplicity of control of your drum filter ROTOCLEAN. Connecting motors drum filter and drain pump by IP 67 waterproof connectors. Supplied with 10 meters of cable as standard.

Electricity supply : 380-400 V 3-ph 50/60 HZ as standard

Option : 230 V 1-phase (other electric supplies on demand)

2/ Electrical boxes modified to your requirements :

Our electricians make control boxes to comply with standards, suited to the technical operating requirements of your installation.

Our electricians design of operating diagrams, fabricate mechanical components and electrical cable cabinets in our factory.

3/ Grundfos Rinsing pump :

Vertical pump made of 

- CR (AISI 304) for clean water
- CRN (AISI 316) for sea water
- CRT (titanium) for hot sea water


P1030729 P1030730 P1030731 P1030759


The pump is delivered, as standard, with all PVC connections, 3 m of inlet tubing and 3 m pressure hose.


4/ IP67 electronical level probe "LR 7000" :

A level probe detect blockage of the filtration mesh in the filter (variation of water level into the drum) and send a signal to the time delayed level relay located in the electrical control cabinet, which actuates the rinsing pump and drum rotation for a few seconds.


5/ Control Timer :

Ensures switching of the filter and drain pump for a specified time. Adjustable time delay from 0.5s to 10min.

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