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Transfer fish counter


Pescasight 100 fish counter 

This fish counter has the latest camera technology and ease of use is unparalleled.
Its installation is quick on-site. Expected to cover the counting needs of 0.2g to 50g.
Maximum hourly flow of 600.000 fish (bass, bream or trout, salmon) per hour (0.5g).
Our counting technology allows for the average weight of fish during the counting.
At the end of counting operation, it is possible to connect a USB key to save the counting report and the movie for verification purposes.
Designed to be placed at the fish pump outlet for loading trucks or fish transfert. 



incredibly fast and easy to use, a revolutionary fish counter !
P100 2

Accurate counting of your small fish

during transfer with Pescasight 100

Main features :  

- Counting fish 0.2g to 50g (for salmonids, bass, bream)
- Powerful high speed up to 600.000 fish/hour in 0.5 g
- High counting accuracy 99 to 100%
- Compact, manoeuvrable and light weight 72 kg 
- Ease of use with large touch screen
- Counting report export on USB key
- Couting video export on USB key


 Bt Catalogue Download Pescasight datasheet


Video of Pescasight 100 operating :

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Pescavision 300 fish counter 

The Pescavision models covers counting needs extending from 40g to 1kg. It is designed to be placed at the fish pump outlet for loading trucks or fish transfer.

New 2018 model

Pescavision 300


Bt Catalogue Download datasheet

Video of Pescavision 300 operating :