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Fish counters options


1/ Receiving tray for Pescavision 10 & 30 fish counters :

The open receiving tray enables fish to be checked visually and counters to be centred around the grader.
- Outlet: 200 or 250mm

BAC-COMPTEUR bac reception compteur


2/ Receiving tray for Pescavision 50 fish counter :

Spécialement étudié pour les gros poissons. Sortie : 250 mm. Equipé de pieds réglables en Inox.

bac-pescavision-50-1 bac-pescavision-50-2 bac-pescavision-50-3



3/ Stainless steel outpout :

The aluminium receiving tray enables fish counter to be connected to a pipe. Outlet : 200 mm.

SORTIE-COMPTEUR 2 option p30


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