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Fish graders

Faivre Group offers a complete range of 10 "Helios" automatic fish graders, from 0,8g to 4 kg for professionnals who care about the grading quality of their fishes. Flow rate up to 8 tons an hour for trouts, salmons, tilapias, sea bass, sea breams, barramundi, carps, perches... 


Helios-10.5-fish-grader Helios-25-fish-grader
Helios 10 - 100
(from 0,8g tp 80g*)

Helios 25
(from 5g to 350g*)

Helios 30 fish grader Helios-40-fish-grader
Helios 30
(from 10g to 800g*)

Helios 40 - 400
(from 10g to 1,5 kg*)

Helios-50-fish-grader Helios-60-fish-grader
Helios 50
(from 10g to 2,5 kg*)
Helios 60 - 600
(from 100g to 4 kg*)

Fish Grader With Counter Helios 40

Heliovision 40 and 50:graders with integrated counters
(from 50g to 4 kg*)

* for salmonidae