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Helios automatic fish graders advantages

With its experience for decades in the field of graders (since 1958) , FAIVRE is considered one of the world leader, and have demonstrated competence of its SPS Single Sorting Technology.

It is not a coincidence that FAIVRE customers include leaders in the aquaculture sector. Whenever it comes to satisfying the requirements of speed and quality of the highest sort , the Helios sorting machines are essential.

1/ Very accurate settings

Sizes graded in mm using very accurate vernier scales.

2/ Fishes watering while sorted

Minimum stress and maximum comfort for the fish using a high performing and sophisticated system of water delivery and spraying ramp.


3/ Multidirectional grading outlets

For Helios 10, 40, 50 and 60 models, option of multi-directional grading with outlets on the left and right sides of the grader.

4/ Adjustable height with lifting jacks

All graders are equipped with 1 or 2 lifting jacks as standard. Maximum multi-functionality. Allows the grader to be raised to connect counters. Useful when it's a long way between the grader and the pool.

Cric Leve Trieur Helios

5/ High quality stainless steel and aluminium


We use top quality stainless steel provided by major European steelmakers.

We use shades of AISI 304L fresh water, 316L for sea water and 5086 aluminum.


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