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Heliovision counter with integrated counters options

1/ Submersible pump for water supply :pompe-submersible

- Supplied with 5 meters of hoses and fittings
- Available from 15 to 60 m3 / h ( depending on the model)
- Pump AISI 304L or 316L freshwater and seawater

- 230 V 1-phase or 400 V 3-phases 50 hz (up to 1,5 kw)



2/ Inlet hopper for fish pump connection (on demand) :

All our graders are designed to operate with a fish pump rotor type, input hopper is equipped with a male / female connection type CAM- LOCK and a water separator. Standard connections are  3", 4" , 6", 8" and 10 ".

Our sorters can also work with a fish vacuum pump, the feed hopper is equipped with a cutout for inserting the slide check system of the fish entry and a water separator. 

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