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Principle of the SPS technology

The SPS system provides a unique precise and safe sorting. In 1987 FAIVRE company developed the SPS TECHNOLOGY based on a unique sorting-conveying system. With this exclusive patented technology, our automatic fish graders can sort any fish species : trouts, salmons, sea bass, sea breams, tilapias, eels, carps, perches, barramundi...


 1. Setting - 2. Grader side panel - 3. Adjustable panel - 4. Fixed panel
5. Watering - 6. Conveyor chain - 7. Pusher fingers

A perfect technique for accurate results

Accurate : Contrary to other grading systems like rolling graders, the accuracy of our system is led by static panels during the sorting operation (thanks to the independant conveyor placed under the sorting panels).

Fast : Our graders are multi channels (2 to 8 channels according the models) and the speed of the pusher fingers is variable depending on the size and species of the fishes. Used with an elevator or a fish pump the hourly flow rates can be really important. 

Secure : There is no scale loss, no stress, the fish is not affected by the friction of moving panels.


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