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Pescamotion fish pumps advantages

Handiness and lightweight : 

Our Pescamotion fish pump is the result of many years of research to reduce its weight to the minimum. We have created the most lightweight fish pump on the market with a weight of 190 kg (419 lbs). 


Direct Drive system :

The fish pump's propeller is directly driven by the motor. This result in a better reliability and a better efficiency than a traditional belt system. Our "Direct Drive" system is maintenance free.

Ultra fast priming :

We have worked on a powerful priming sytem, with a reduced priming factor under two to three times than a classic system. It is conceived with an automatic stop at the end of the cycle, making the work easier for the operator.

Speed controller :

A variable speed drive is standard on our Pescamotion 6" fish pumps. Managed by a potentiometer on the control panel or remote control (supplied as standard with the pump). Rotor speed is adapted accurately and quickly following the fish size.


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