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Pescamotion fish pumps options

1/ Aluminium hopper with water separator :

Lightweight and easy to handle (mounted on wheels) this hopper is directly connected to the fish pumpfor a hig speed and efficient transport of the live fishes, from your ponds to your transport tanks.

Tremie Entree Pompe tremie-separateur-eau-1 tremie-separateur-eau-2

2/ 6" pipes :

Flexible translucent pipes, smooth on the inside for a high security transportof your live fishes (by 10 meters pipes)


Tuyaux Pompe tuyaux-monoflex 

3/ Male / Female 6" "Cam Lock" :

Easy and fast to set up 6" aluminium connection clamp for your pipes connection.


4/ Electric supply :

All our Pescamotion 6" fish pumps works with 400 V 3-ph 50 HZ as standard. We can also deliver a 230 V 3-ph 50 HZ power supply.

5/ 4" shortener :

The 4" shortener input and output of the pump allow you to adapt to all working situations.


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